Final Fantasy: an extraordinary compilation and a collector’s item at a high price

Originally released on Ios, Android and PC, the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster compilation is taking advantage of the 35th anniversary of the license to announce its release on PS4 and Switch, as the ESBR had already told us. But to get your hands on the precious sesame, you will have to pay full price.

The ultimate compilation for Final Fantasy fans

The Final Fantasy 1-6 Collection will therefore be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch from spring 2023. If no precise date has yet been given, pre-orders of the special anniversary editions in physical versions are already open and the compilation even offers a large collector for the occasion.

Exclusive to the Square Enix store, the standard physical edition of the game displays a price of 74.99€. She understands the games FF 1 to 6 remastered versions and a special 35th anniversary collector’s box.

There is also a very large collector’s item offered at €274.99. She understands the games FF 1 to 6 remastered and a whole bunch of goodies.

  • Collector’s Box -FF35th Anniversary Edition-!
  • Vinyls of the rearranged OST
  • An art book
  • Lot of pixel art figurines
  • Collector’s Holographic Case
Final Fantasy Collector

At its output, Final Fantasy 1-6 Collection will offer the games separately or as a bundle, but only in digital version. According to the prices charged on Steam, the games should be sold individually between €11.99 and €17.99, or as a bundle at €74.99. Prices that should be practically identical on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but we will still wait for the formalization to be sure.

For the rest of the license, FF7 Crisis Core Réunion is already available on PS5 and PS4, while the long-awaited Final Fantasy 16 will arrive in June 2023 on PS5.

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