Final Fantasy 9: the famous video game will be adapted in series


Screen adaptations of the famous “Final Fantasy” franchise are very rare. The announcement of a FF animated series is therefore very good news. Above all, it is not just any opus since it is the n ° 9 which will be put on the front of the stage. A component still considered one of the best in the saga.

Melodies of life

For neophytes, Final fantasy is one of the most famous series in the video game industry. Indeed, it is at the origin of the popularization of the RPG, video game genre very popular with fans of role-playing games. Launched in 1987 by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed by Square Enix, it is still a major video game franchise thanks to the visual, technical and scriptwriting quality of its various opuses. We could also see it with Final Fantasy VII, an iconic part of the series that has seen a plethora of sequels, spin-offs, adaptations, and even a recent remake on Playstation 5.

However, we must not forget Final Fantasy IX, released in 2000 on the Playstation One. The last episode to have seen the light of day on the console, it is certainly a video game that has sold less than the previous ones (5 million copies, which is lower than the 9.7 million FFVII and the 7.8 million FFVIII). However, it stands out very clearly from the others by a light graphics (in comparison to the two past opuses which were much darker and cyberpunk), a universe of heroic-fantasy which sounds like a return to the sources of the saga, an innovative gameplay for the time, a more complex scenario than you might think at the outset, perfectly well-developed characters (like Bibi) and a masterful musical composition by Nobuo Uematsu.

As for the story, the video game follows Djidane, a big-hearted thief who kidnaps the young Princess Garnet. However, the two teenagers subsequently teamed up to save the kingdom from the forces of Evil.

An animated series Final fantasy produced by a Parisian studio

Final fantasy has very few adaptations to film and television. Mostly, most are very far from significant. We especially remember the critical and commercial flop of Final Fantasy: Creatures of the Spirit, released in 2001. While in recent years the franchise has preferred to focus on films and series to the glory of the universe of episode VII (Last Order: Final Fantasy VII , Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children), this is Final Fantasy IX which is this time in the spotlight.

Final Fantasy IX © Square

According to the site Kidscreen, Square Enix and the Parisian studio Cyber ​​Group Studios (Zou, The Chronicles of Zorro) will collaborate to start this animated series FFIX. A news that can both delight fans of the work but also leave them skeptical. Indeed, Cyber ​​Group Studios is best known for its animated series aimed at young children. The question is therefore appropriate: how to highlight certain adult video game themes within a series that may not have the same editorial target?

The president of the Parisian studio Pierre Sissman seems, in any case, very confident as to the success of the project :

For those who are familiar with Final Fantasy IX, it will be a discovery. For others, it will be a dive into a universe that they will love.

The production of Final Fantasy IX is expected to start between late 2021 and early 2022. For the moment, we still do not know the number and the duration of episodes that it will have. It is also unknown who will be the broadcaster of this new animated series. We will therefore have to be patient.

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