Final Fantasy 16: Xbox and PC players will be happy

Final Fantasy 16: Xbox and PC players will be happy

Planned only on PS5 when it is released in 2023, Final Fantasy 16 specifies information that should greatly benefit players Xbox Series and pc.

Final Fantasy 16 release date is coming very soon. But before that, a point on the PS5 exclusivity.

Final Fantasy 16: the duration of the excluded PS5 revealed

We already knew that Final Fantasy 16 would only be a temporary PS5 exclusive, but until now the duration was unknown. That has just changed with a new PlayStation advertisement which praises the merits of the console and its controller with big games such as God of War Ragnarok, The Last of Us Part 1, FIFA 23 or FF16.

In the segment attributed to Square Enix’s JRPG, it reads:

Final Fantasy 16 is expected in the summer of 2023. It’s a PS5 exclusive for six months.

This means that after the six months, the game will be able to arrive on PC, the only other platform confirmed for the moment. But all is not lost and this end of exclusivity could also concern Xbox Series. Unless there is a specific clause between PlayStation and the Japanese publisher, nothing prohibits a priori the release of FF16 on Xbox Series X|S by 2023.

Will this necessarily be the case? No, and FF7 Remake is here to attest to that. Despite the expiration of the exclusive, Square Enix has still not ported its title to the Xbox Series and could therefore reproduce the same pattern with Final Fantasy 16.

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