Final Fantasy 16: a statement that will divide players

Final Fantasy 16: a statement that will divide players

Contrary to what had been said for months, it seems that we are not confined to a single playable character.

Final Fantasy 16 is eagerly awaited, but according to the latest news, we will have to wait until next summer. The title of Square Enix is ​​therefore in full period of communication and continues to return sporadically to the front of the stage by releasing a few snippets of information. The latest should also delight fans since it concerns the playable characters of the game. But beware of the emotional lift.

Several playable characters in Final Fantasy 16?

During an interview for Game Watch, creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro indeed said that Clive, the hero of FF16, would not be the only playable character. The main protagonist would indeed have a controllable sidekick.
Only here, before everyone ignites, it is good to specify that this new hero would only be very secondary. Maehiro indeed states that the latter could only be embodied at the start of the game. A brief statement which suggests that this passage would actually be very short.

At the start of the game, you can control a character other than Clive

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From here, we would therefore tend to think that it would only be a kind of narrative introduction. But it is also likely that the character in question will become recurring later on, even without being under our direct control. Doubts are still allowed.

Clive will not be alone, or almost

A small break in the adventure therefore, since for the rest of the adventure, it is indeed Clive who will monopolize the screen. As a reminder, so far, the development team had only hammered home that he would be the one and only playable character in this game. Final Fantasy 16. And this, even if the latter will be regularly accompanied by a handful of companions managed by the AI. Something that producer Naoki Yoshida also recalled during this same interview.

We will therefore have to wait a little longer before having the end of the story. Although it has already been playable for many months, Final Fantasy 16 is expected for the summer of 2023 as a temporary exclusive on PS5. The developers want to take all their time to refine their baby. Players, on the other hand, can cut their teeth on Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core from December 13.

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