Final Fantasy 16: a cult character confirmed for the game

Final Fantasy 16: a cult character confirmed for the game

Final Fantasy 16 has just confirmed a new character in its cast and not just any character. It is a cult creature of the license, which already cracks more than one fan.

The Final Fantasy license blows on this Sunday, December 18, 2022 its 35e candle. For the occasion, Square Enix has formalized the arrival of a very large compilation requested for many months, but also shared a new detail for FF16. If the PS5 exclusivity will change from the other opuses by being the most mature to date, it will retain what is the essence of the license. Summons, a character named Cid, Chocobo and… a Mog.

A look at the Mog from Final Fantasy 16

Kupo! What would a Final Fantasy be without the presence of these adorable little creatures? Unlike Final Fantasy 15, the next game will not escape the rule and on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the license, Square Enix revealed what the Mogs will look like in Final Fantasy 16. No very big surprise, we remains on a fairly classic design which is strongly reminiscent of those of FF14, another hat game by Naoki Yoshida, to the realization of this PS5 exclusive. Simple cameo or more important role in FF16? The question remains open for the moment.

In any case, the fans are already falling for this adorable ball of fur, a beefier than his comrades from the other episodes. It’s hard to do otherwise with this cute animation. Square Enix will certainly communicate more fully on other aspects of FF16 and its mechanics closer to its release. Several components of the game are still very nebulous at this stage, the publisher having preferred to highlight the story and the fights in the latest trailers. We remind you that Final Fantasy 16 will be available on June 22, 2023 exclusively on PS5. The game should offer a more mature universe than usual, with more modern gameplay to attract younger audiences, who do not yet know the license.

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