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Loriane Cladec


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Celebrate again and dream together: the National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF) is relaunching the Fête du Cinéma! On the program: all films and all screenings at 4 euros for five days.


Celebrate again and dream together. This is the invitation of the National Federation of French Cinemas (FNCF) and French cinemas for the Film Festival 2021, which will offer spectators the opportunity to fill up on films, emotions, discoveries and escape during five days (instead of the usual four for the event).

Organized from Wednesday June 30 to Sunday July 4, 2021, at the single rate of 4 euros per session, in participating cinemas, the #CinemaParty will be part of the fourth stage of the deconfinement schedule, with full capacity to gauge and the end of the curfew.

This celebration is the promise for regular spectators, as well as for those who have not yet found their way to dark rooms, to have access to a very wide range of films, including Wednesday releases. June 30 and their range of genres: comedy with Presidents and Family Sense, chills with Teddy’s werewolf and The Deep House’s submerged haunted house, family with Peter Rabbit 2, action with Hitman & Bodyguard 2 or drama with Sœurs and La Fine fleur.

Long live the cinema!

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