FIFA: future video games send shivers down your spine

Although the partnership between FIFA and EA Sports is now over, FIFA is not abandoning video games, quite the contrary…

It was one of the big announcements of recent months in the small video game world: the popular football simulation developed each year by EA Sports for consoles and PC, Fifawill no longer bear this name next season.

Indeed, Electronic Arts and FIFA have not agreed on the price to be paid for this official license, FIFA 23 will be the last game titled in this way, before EA Sports offers in 2024, EA Sports FC. A FIFA 24 undoubtedly in its content, but therefore with a new name for the sports series developed in Canada.

FIFA: future video games send shivers down your spine
FIFA 24 will therefore be EA Sports FC.

FIFA still on the right track

But if you are attentive to the news and have, for example, watched the edifying documentary available on Netflix, FIFA: Round ball and corruptionyou can imagine that the association of international football federations will not leave fallow a vein as lucrative as that of the video game market…

And on this point, FIFA never disappoints: the next games stamped “FIFA” will be associated with the blockchain! And it starts now, with four games obviously directly linked to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar which is played from November 20 to December 18, 2022.

These “web 3.0” titles as indicated in the FIFA press release are therefore:

AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition“casual 4v4 football game, played between AI-controlled characters, with player participation in fun and tactical moments”, we learn in the same press release.

But there is also Upland Metaverse which will be “the largest blockchain-based metaverse connected to the real world” where “players can buy and sell virtual properties”. With NFT of course because it will now be possible to “collect official FIFA World Cup digital assets, including legendary video highlights from the tournament”.

Finally, the last two are Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Editionwhich “targets the emotional intensity of passion for football through a casual and highly engaging social prediction game based on football cards, where most of the fun is not just in playing being right, but also in being the best among friends” and Phygtl “an immersive experience where fans join forces on a mission to co-create the world’s first fan-generated digital reward.”

What to dream of is not it? Yes, like this World Cup in Qatar, wonderful moment of celebration of the values ​​of football and sport (no).

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