FIFA 23: Marvel will have an important place in the game

Kylian Mbappé will not be the only “superhero” of FIFA 23. Marvel will be there thanks to a big and unlikely partnership signed with Electronic Arts. Who will be Iron Man?

You may not have dreamed of it, but EA did it all the same just for you: Marvel is coming to FIFA 23. An astonishing entry which will however be reserved for a single mode. The one who is the most controversial despite his huge box.

FIFA 23 footballers as Marvel superheroes

It’s probably as unlikely as the meeting between Dragon Ball and Fortnite, but it’s nevertheless very real, Marvel invites itself into the FIFA Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 23 via cards Marvel FUT Heroes.

This collaboration between two of entertainment’s biggest franchises will bring some of fan-favorite players into the game and celebrate their heroic cult status alongside talented Marvel artists. To celebrate their memorable careers for club and country, each FIFA World Cup FUT Hero will receive a rating boost when the World Cup mode launches, with base versions of Heroes available upon release.

This partnership will be divided into two stages, with footballers who will receive tifos – the impressive visuals created by spectators in the stadiums during matches – jerseys, balloons and even a comics marvel heroes. And of course, football legends will be dressed in superhero mode on the cards.

FIFA 23 Marvel FUT Heroes

First, a handful of FUT Heroes have been confirmed. It is Claudio Marchisio, Ricardo Carvalho, Yaya Toure, Landon Donovan and Park Ji-Sung.

New for FUT this year

The FUT mode, controversial for its lootboxes but yet very coveted by part of the community, recently presented its changes. This includes solo challenges or a completely revamped Collective system as explained in the video below.

FIFA 23 will be available on September 30, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Stadia, PC and Nintendo Switch with a highly anticipated duo and a great first for the franchise.

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