FIFA 23: an unprecedented bug destroys the game, fans disgusted and angry

The entire economy of FIFA 23’s FUT mode was destroyed in 25 minutes. The game just suffered one of the biggest bugs in franchise history, which cost players millions of credits in-game. Anger is brewing among fans, who are outright demanding a server reset.

FIFA 23’s FUT mode economy destroyed

There has been panic since this Saturday, October 8. Players were ready to battle it out in the first FUT Champs weekend, their teams were ready. Then EA wreaked havoc with a monumental mistake, which ruined the game’s entire economy in a fraction of a minute. The American publisher has put a Guaranteed Heroes Pack on sale in the FIFA 23 store for only 25,000 credits or 500 points in-game. This is around 5 euros with real money. But what could be bought could also be resold.

In other words, you could get rare players that sell for gold for just 25,000 credits. Those worth millions then saw their odds drop drastically and their value drop by two or three since they were easier to obtain. Needless to say, with such a ridiculous price, clever little guys who had millions in stock raided these rare cards so they could get rich as soon as EA fixed the problem. A footballer could for example be bought for 1 million to better be resold two to three times more expensive thereafter.

FIFA 23 FUT Mode

Angry players call for a rollback

If EA took “only” 25 minutes to remove the famous packs from sale, the entire FUT market is now disrupted. As a result, millions of FIFA 23 Coins evaporated, the price of some hard-earned cards plummeting. In other words, those who had obtained the rare players before the bug are the first victims of this bug.

Faced with the publisher’s lack of communication, fans are calling for a rollback servers to restore the game to the state it was before this bug never seen in the history of FIFA. Already that the economic model was strongly criticized, the Ultimate Team could be completely broken. And since this is the game mode that brings in the most money for EA, it’s hard not to imagine that it will intervene in one way or another.

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