FF7: what you secretly dreamed of finally happens

FF7: what you secretly dreamed of finally happens

While we wait for news of FF7 Remake 2, the 1997 PS1 game will return in a few days. Get ready for quite a shock!

FF7 characters now have the floor

Despite the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and its recognized overall quality, nothing will replace the original for some who continue to relaunch it tirelessly as a good Madeleine de Proust. A bedside game that the community has taken over to improve it with a less problematic French translation, smoother graphics, etc.

But there, we surely have one of the most successful and impressive versions ever seen. Echo-S7, this is the name of this gigantic project, on the initiative of the Tsunamods team, which consists in transforming the original FF7… with integral voices. No more “sad” texts, Cloud, Tifa, Bareth and the whole cast will be heard.

Far from a little delirium carried out in a cellar at two o’clock in the morning, Echo-S7 called on members of the Final Fantasy VII community all over the world, and on professionals for the dubbing.

We’ve brought together actors from around the world to dub the entirety of FF7. All main characters, secondary like NPCs, are voiced. This is even the case with the tutorials! All NPCs are voiced by our community, allowing us to have a wide range of accents and voices to make it more realistic. The cast of main and secondary protagonists is made up of experienced actors with fantastic vocal and technical quality.

Via PCGames.

The “Echo-S7” mod should be available on January 13 on the Tsunamod’s website.

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