FF7 Remake is coming to Steam Deck but still shuns Xboxes

FF7 Remake is coming to Steam Deck but still shuns Xboxes

Always not ! Two years after its release, FF7 Remake is still waiting on Xbox consoles. The title had been approached by PC players exclusively on theEpic Games Storebut it will finally open up to another platform.

FF7 Remake available on Steam Deck

Bad news for gamers Xbox Series and Xbox One, FF7 Remake Intergrade still won’t be coming to their consoles. Instead, Square Enix used its commemorative event to announce the release of the game on Steam June 17, 2022. Information that had leaked a few hours before the event via the platform’s database.

The title will also be compatible with the Steam Deck so you can take Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Barret everywhere with you. Remember that the FF 7 Remake Intergrade edition includes the DLC centered around Yuffie and graphic improvements of all kinds. As for Xbox players, Square Enix still seems to be sulking. The console exclusivity (from Intergrade) is well over since this year, but still no sign of porting. Perhaps the rumored enhanced partnership with Sony was indeed true. In the news, Final Fantasy 7 Remake 2, finally called FF7 Rebirth has finally come to light, just like Crisis Core Reunion which will of course come out of it Xbox Series and One.

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