FF7 Remake 2: the return of a highly anticipated character made official by Nomura?

FF7 Remake 2: the return of a highly anticipated character made official by Nomura?

On the occasion of the release of Crisis Core Reunion, Nomura once again evokes FF7 Remake 2 Rebirth and seems to officially confirm the return of a highly anticipated character.

The fragile little heart of the fans has started to beat very strongly in the last few hours. The Final Fantasy license celebrates its 35th anniversary with a series of events and a live stream exceptional. At the mention of the name of Yoshinori Kitase, producer of FF7 Remake 2, many hoped for new images of the game in the hours that followed. If this will probably not be the case, Tetsuya Nomura however mentioned FF7 Rebirth during Crisis Core Reunion.

A certain character alive and well in FF7 Rebirth?

How good it is to be a Final Fantasy fan right now. The future looks bright for the license and if Final Fantasy 16 has been on everyone’s lips since the announcement of its release date, Square Enix intends to make a gold mine with its cash cow: FF7. Building on the success of the Remake, the Japanese firm will continue its re-reading of the adventures of Cloud and his friends during a trilogy. The second episode, FF7 Rebirth, is not expected before winter 2023 but the publisher has found the parade to allow fans to wait: spin-offs. It’s FF7 Crisis Core that opens the ball today. On the occasion of the launch of remaster this Tuesday, December 13, Tetsuya Nomura once again talked about FF7 Remake 2.

There is still quite a bit of time until FF7 Rebirth is released, but I hope that in the meantime you can prepare yourself by playing FF7 Crisis Core Reunion. Zack is a very important person in the story (editor’s note: from FF7 Remake 2), and I hope you can see his lifestyle through the game.

The mastermind of the trilogy does indeed seem to have other plans for Zack Fair in FF7 Rebirth. With the release of Crisis Core, a spin-off dedicated to him, it seemed more than certain that Cloud’s mentor was going to have a more important place in FF7 Remake 2, it is now confirmed in half words by Nomura himself. We will not further detail the why and how for those who have not yet been able to do the initiatory episode of this new trilogy which is still waiting on Xbox consoles. For the record, FF7 Rebirth is expected for sometime in winter 2023 on PS5.

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