FF7 Remake 2: players are already angry at a specific point in the game

FF7 Remake 2: players are already angry at a specific point in the game

Gamers are eagerly awaiting FF7 Remake 2. Some of them are already unhappy with one of the definite aspects of the sequel even though the game only showed brief snippets. Here’s why.

To keep players waiting for the release of FF7 Rebirth, Square Enix has completely remastered the prequel that had made the heyday of the PSP: Crisis Core. An essential to understand the ins and outs of the story of Cloud, Sephiroth and Zack. The blondie’s mentor should indeed have a bigger role in FF7 Remake 2 and that worries some fans. Not that they don’t want to see this character so dear to Aerith again, on the contrary, but a specific element of FF7 Crisis Core Reunion particularly bothered them.

Zack’s new VA does not please

The release of FF7 Crisis Core Reunion on December 13 raises some concerns. In the West only at least, since Japanese players are not affected by this new controversy. For this game halfway between the remaster and the remake, Square Enix has entirely replaced the cast of origin to graft that of FF7 Remake. A way to include the prequel in the continuity of this new trilogy, but precisely the new actor of Zack had not fully convinced the players in 2020. Unfortunately, he did not find favor in their eyes with this new episode not more, which alarms them all the more for FF7 Remake 2.

“Who is responsible for this VA? Looks like Zack is doing Mario Kart speedrun community review videos. »

On social networks, the performance of Caleb Pierce does not convince. Many fans expressed their displeasure, finding that Zack’s new voice speaks too much “from the nose” and that the actor plays his sentences “like an AI”. Some have obviously expressed their regret to see Rick Gomez, original actor, ousted for such a result and the comparative videos abound on YouTube and Twitter. One of them also shows what the cutscenes of FF7 Crisis Core Reunion would have given with the original acting, we let you make your own opinion.

Concerns for FF7 Remake 2

In a recent message, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that Zack Fair will be present in FF7 Remake 2 and will have a more “active” role. The fans are then worried to see this long-awaited return “ ruin by this new voice of Private 1time class and his interpretation of the character. This new direction had also been the subject of criticism when the first episode was released in 2020 and it seems that the new kid did not manage to change their minds. What you need to know is that Caleb Pierce has only one role to his credit: this one.

Some also hope that by expressing their disappointment, Square Enix will reconsider its decision and consider bringing back the Zack of yesteryear, which, let’s be honest, would be unlikely. A solution for them: turn to the original Japanese version where the cast has not changed one iota and the performances are of impeccable quality. For the record, FF7 Remake 2 should be available in winter 2023 on PS5.

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