FF7 Ever Crisis: what if he was the real remake? An enticing trailer

FF7 Ever Crisis: what if he was the real remake? An enticing trailer

A few hours after the revelation of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7 Remake 2) some fans admit they are lost. And if the Remake mention in the first part of what will be a trilogy was ultimately misleading? It is now clear that Square Enix intends to offer a different story from the original opus. However, the Japanese publisher anticipated the demand for a real remake with the FF7 Ever Crisis mobile game.

FF7 Ever Crisis, the other free-to-play remake

“The other possibility of remake”. The new Ever Crisis trailer opens with this bold formula. The bet is risky for Square Enix: to tell a story as rich as those of Final Fantasy in the form of an episodic free-to-play mobile game. Unlike FF7 Remake, the title should follow more or less scrupulously all the events of Final Fantasy 7 and its spin-offs. So that includes the original game, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, Before Crisis, and even the Advent Children movie.

In terms of production, FF7 Ever Crisis will alternate between chibi characters and exploration with fixed cameras like the PS1 game with fights featuring characters with modeling close to FF7 Remake. We can also see in these extracts pretty alternative outfits for Tifa and Aerith, as well as the Shiva from the PS4 & PS5 game. It now remains to thin the fog around the economic model and paid elements. The beta of FF7 Ever Crisis will be available this year on Android and iOS.

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