FF7 Crisis Core Reunion: remake or remaster? We finally have the answer!

FF7 Crisis Core Reunion: remake or remaster? We finally have the answer!

Is FF7 Crisis Core Reunion a simple remaster or a real remake? Many fans have been asking the question since its announcement and we finally have an answer.

The remakes and remasters have become commonplace in recent years. Right now, The Last of Us Part 1 is at the heart of a debate, players believing that the contributions are not sufficient for the game to benefit from the name remake. And there is the case of FF7 Crisis Core Reunion, presented as a remaster when it seems to be more than that. So what’s the end of the story?

Is FF7 Crisis Core Reunion just a remaster?

Should we call it FF7 Crisis Core Remake or Remastered? This is the question that many fans are asking. The episode which made the heyday of the PSP will return in a brand new version which should make it possible to make the link between Final Fantasy 7 Remake and FF7 Rebirth. During an interview with the site Everyeyelegendary producer Tetsuya Nomura put an end to the debate:

We were very divided on the subject because we didn’t really know how to describe the game. At one point we had a debate about whether to call it remake Where remaster. I think it comes closer to the definition of a remaster since the story hasn’t changed at all and it’s still the same game. On the technical side, however, the graphics have been revised, the character models recreated from scratch and many scenes that were not originally dubbed are now. Even the combat system has been updated. As we are still a little undecided as to which term best describes it, we settled on the name Reunion. It is very complicated because it is much more than a remaster and at the same time it’s not a complete remake either.

FF7 Crisis Core Reunion is therefore an in-between. Indeed difficult to do otherwise for a PSP game as old. It should still be a nice appetizer while waiting for the release of FF7 Remake 2, expected by the end of 2023. One thing is certain, Zack Fair will have a fairly central role for Square Enix to discover his adventures on Sony’s portable console to everyone.

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