FF7 Crisis Core Reunion: players make a startling discovery

Available since December 13, 2022, FF7 Crisis Core Reunion was particularly awaited by fans. A remaster generous, with an impressive graphic overhaul, but whose structure, side quests and level design show the effects of time. Never mind, players are diving back body and soul into the game originally released on PSP in the hope of finding new hidden details that would make the link with FF7 Remake 2. They have found something, but it’s not what they expected.

A pretty dumpling in FF7 Crisis Core Reunion

FF7 Crisis Core Reunion has been officially live for a day, but that’s not stopping some players from nearing completion. Browsing through Chapter 8 which takes Zack and Sephiroth to a town that will be the scene of a pivotal event from the original game, some have come across an incongruous find. Looking closer at one of the paintings hanging in the abandoned Shinra mansion, we can see that Square Enix has made a nice dumpling.

A little stingy or perhaps pressed for time, the developers have indeed copied and pasted a snapshot of the Getty Images bank. Except that for lack of having bought it, the logo of the host is visible on this board of FF7 Crisis Core Reunion. If a painting stamped Getty Images is funny in the universe of Final Fantasy and can make you smile, it does however raise more serious problems regarding the exploitation rights of the image in question. For the most curious, the work by John Crowther depicts a famous London square, Ludgate Circus, in 1881.

Board with the Getty Images logo (via Kotaku)

This isn’t the first time Square Enix has made this kind of mistake. A water mark was visible during one of the cinematics of Kingdom Hearts 3 when released. However, the Japanese firm should not delay in correcting the problem if only to avoid some legal mishaps.

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