FF7 Crisis Core Remake: a comparison with the truly impressive original

Announced with great fanfare during the livestream dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy 7, Crisis Core Reunion delighted many fans. An episode that will undoubtedly be crucial to follow the events of FF7 Remake 2 aka Rebirth. But is it remake or remaster? Here is a video and comparative photos with the PSP game.

A video of FF7 Crisis Core remake vs PSP

The surprise had been spoiled a few hours before the event but FF7 Crisis Core Remake is indeed a reality. If Square Enix remains vague on the nature of this port, which will be available this winter on all platforms, the work done by the teams is substantial. Remember that the original game was released in 2007 on PSP. And for this transition to current generations, the developers have obviously not done things by halves.

Proof of this is with this video comparison of Crisis Core Remake vs PSP and the few pictures below. You can see it very clearly, the assets characters take more from those of FF7 Remake than just improved smoothing. The work seems in any case more substantial than FF Type-0 at the time. The fights will also be closer to Cloud’s new adventures, which will come in a trilogy, with greater freedom of movement and a revised HUD.

Crisis Core Remake vs PSP
FF7 Crisis Core Reunion PSPS comparison
Crisis Core Reunion PSP comparison
Zack Fair remake PSP comparison

CrisisCore Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will also feature improved 3D models, full voice acting and new soundtrack arrangements. See you this winter on PS5, Xbox SeriesPC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One to rediscover the adventures of Zack.

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