Fast & Furious 9: discover the blockbuster differently thanks to the ICE immersive experience


Dom and his gang will be back in service on July 14 in Fast & Furious 9. Always more speed, stunts and explosions… For a real immersive experience, discover the film in ICE in one of the CGR cinemas!

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Almost 20 years after the release of the first opus in the cinema, the Fast & Furious saga has not finished thrilling spectators. This summer, Dom Toretto and his whole gang will once again show you all the colors in an explosive ninth installment, due in theaters on July 14. Immerse yourself in the action right out of the film with the immersive experience of an ICE screening in one of the many CGR cinemas!

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While Dom thought he had left his eventful life behind, the pilot played by Vin Diesel returns to service in Fast & Furious 9 to face a formidable adversary, certainly the most dangerous of all: his own brother, Jakob (John Cena).


Back behind the camera, director Justin Lin delivers a muscular new blockbuster, perfectly suited to the immersive experience offered in CGR cinemas. The ICE rooms are above all spectacular image quality thanks to the best 4K projector of its generation. An essential equipment to enjoy the crazier stunts than the others of this new opus!

This visual comfort is accompanied by impressive light panels installed on each side of the screen, which extend the image throughout the film thanks to a play of colors and shapes. A car slipping out of the frame? You will see its shadow out of the corner of your eye thanks to this system subtle enough not to take the viewer’s gaze away from the main screen.


Sound obviously plays a major role in the viewer experience, especially in a high-powered movie like Fast & Furious 9. Tire screeching on the asphalt, gleaming engines, repeated explosions, not to mention Vin’s hoarse voice. Diesel in VOST… Thanks to Dolby Atmos® technology, the public is immersed in the heart of the action.


To enjoy the experience, all you have to do is make yourself comfortable in one of the reclining leather armchairs in the ICE rooms!

Book your Fast & Furious 9 screening today in the ICE theater in one of the many equipped CGR cinemas.

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