Fast & Furious 9: a touching tribute to Paul Walker is hidden in the film


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Fast & Furious 9 marks the return of the character played by Jordana Brewster in the saga. To mark the occasion, the actress insisted that a tribute to the one who played her companion on the screen be included in the film.

Present in the Fast and Furious franchise since the first episode, Jordana Brewster has always shared a lot of scenes with Paul Walker since their characters, Mia and Brian, were a couple. So when the tragic death of the actor in 2013 forced the production to dismiss his character, that of the young woman was also put aside.

In Fast & Furious 8, it is therefore stated that Brian and Mia are now tidied up and focused on raising their two children, Olivia and Jack. Dom’s sister (Vin Diesel) is however making her big return to the screen in the ninth opus, currently in theaters.

Her presence is explained by her need to be there for her family as a clash with her brother, Jakob (John Cena), brews. As for Brian, he stayed behind to look after the little ones.


For her scenes, Jordana Brewster insisted that a tribute to her missing friend be included. At the microphone of E! News, the actress has indeed revealed to have made bracelets with the names of Brian, Olivia and Jack written on them. Jewelry that Mia wears throughout the feature film.

A nice touch that proves how much the actress was attached to Paul Walker and their common intrigue. The star even said she kept the bracelets as a souvenir after filming the film.

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