Fast and Furious: Paul Walker’s daughter in the next movies?


In an interview with E! News Vin Diesel has been asked whether Meadow Walker, daughter of the late Paul Walker, could make it into the “Fast and Furious” saga. The actor and producer of the franchise hesitated before providing a dreamy answer.

On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker was killed in a tragic car accident near Los Angeles, while filming Furious 7. The shock is immense, the circumstances drawing a terrible irony with the role and the films that will have made him famous: that of Brian O’Conner, founding role with that of Dominic Toretto of the saga Fast and Furious. This event is entirely part of the legend Fast and Furious, and a very nice tribute was paid to him at the end of Furious 7.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker © People

If seen to walk away and symbolically bow out, Vin Diesel is keen to permanently honor his legacy, and maintains that the character will always remain present, in one way or another, in the adventures of the family. After using his brothers Cody and Caleb to finish Furious 7, it’s this time his daughter Meadow’s turn, a model by trade, to perhaps continue the legacy of Paul Walker.

Vin Diesel: “I do not exclude anything”

The story of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker is a professional story but also that of a steadfast friendship. Vin Diesel is the godfather of his daughter Meadow, so she could, according to Vin Diesel, join the family Fast and Furious in the next productions. This is a hypothesis that he stressed not to exclude during an interview given to E! News :

I exclude nothing. I can say … without giving you the secrets of “Fast 10”, let’s say anything is possible.

At 22, Meadow Walker is a model and a instagram star with over 2.6 million subscribers. If she were to join the family Fast and Furious on the screen, it would then be his first steps in the world of cinema, but with a godfather such as Vin Diesel and in a saga where the name “Walker” is legendary, its casting would obviously be ideal. Case to follow!

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