Fast and Furious: Paul Walker saved Tyrese Gibson’s character


The big “Fast and Furious” family took a long time to stabilize. Tyrese Gibson, who appeared in “2 Fast 2 Furious”, notably disappeared from circulation for two films. The actor explains how Paul Walker saved his character.

When Tyrese Gibson replaced Vin Diesel

If today it monopolizes most of the attention, we often forget that Vin Diesel had left the ship Fast and Furious from the second episode. In the early 2000s, the actor did not want to return to the camera in Dom Toretto. Paul Walker was more than ready to continue. In order to replace his friend, the character of Roman Pearce is introduced. It is about a childhood friend of Brian, who falls on him during a race. The two will cooperate to stop the evil Verona. The role is then entrusted to Tyrese Gibson.

From the next film, Tokyo Rift, he disappears from circulation and Vin Diesel is not involved either. The latter will return in Fast and Furious 4 and it was not until the 5th that Tyrese Gibson found his place. Since then he has participated in all aspects, including Fast & Furious 9 currently in the cinema.

2 Fast 2 Furious © Universal Pictures International France

Roman Pearce, a character saved by Paul Walker

During a passage in the podcast EW’s Binge (via CinemaBlend), Tyrese Gibson explains that he owes his return to the saga to Paul Walker. Without the pressure of the former star of the films, he would not currently be in the credits of the ninth. We learn that the interpreter of Brian has not stopped basking the producers and the various directors to ensure that Roman Pearce appears in the scripts. It is only from Fast and Furious 5 that his efforts paid off.

For nearly three films, he kept begging and pleading, trying to talk to the studio, to the directors and to Vin, “We have to get Tyrese back.”

I finally came back for the fifth movie, and it was a fight. I think there were things said and others not around Roman Pearce, and to know where he was going to find his place. And I think after spending some time with Vin before doing the 5, he realized that I was more of an asset.

Convincing Vin Diesel has become the key to making a place for himself in the saga. The actor / producer has taken it into his head to start a family and has been carrying this concept (excessively) for several episodes. Perhaps he sensed, at first glance, that Tyrese Gibson could have been a competitor, knowing that he had taken the place in 2 Fast 2 Furious. But what he brings – more in humor – is that he does not play at all in the same court as Vin Diesel. Unless there is a turnaround, he will normally be in the game until the end of the saga.

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