Far Cry 6 or the self-proclaimed GOTY at a clearly abusive price

Far Cry 6 or the self-proclaimed GOTY at a clearly abusive price

Far Cry 6 offers a second outing with a Game Of the Year edition that does not fail to amuse players. The price, however, is another story.

Released exactly a year ago, Far Cry 6 received a mixed reception. This does not prevent Ubisoft from re-releasing the game in a GOTY edition when it has hardly received any awards. The ultimate edition of the sixth opus has just been released at a stinging price.

A GOTY edition of Far Cry 6 at 120€

If there hadn’t been a leaked upstream, you could have said that it was unexpected. Ubisoft is indeed releasing Far Cry 6 discreetly in a GOTY edition including the three Season Pass DLCs, FC 3 Blood Dragon and… an expansion that has never been announced:

  • far cry 6
  • The extension “Between two worlds” (coming soon)
  • The Season Pass
  • The 3 DLCs: Madness (Vaas), Control (Pagan) and Fall (Joseph)
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic
  • The Vice Pack
  • Croc Hunter Pack
  • The Jungle Expedition Pack

If the GOTY mention for a game that has received very few awards did not fail to make Internet users laugh, the price makes him cringe. This new edition of Far Cry 6 is indeed charged the trifle of 119.99 euros. Admittedly, it brings together all the possible and imaginable content for the game, but for an average title, released a year ago, Ubisoft could have offered a slightly more accessible price. For those who would like to crack (we do not judge), Far Cry 6 GOTY is available now on PC and consoles.

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