Far Cry 6 available for free, new content announced

Far Cry 6 available for free, new content announced

Far Cry 6 is still available. A new update also adds a mode popular with players, pending the release of an expansion that reserves an experience under acids.

Ubisoft is offering a catch-up session to those who couldn’t try Far Cry 6 for 0 euros. But the publisher also has other fresh announcements.

Far Cry 6 is free again, details

far cry 6 is free but there is a change in the procedure. End of the limited time offer, you can take all the time necessary to discover the game, at least a part. There is indeed a restriction: only the Isla Santuario region and the first 7 main missions are available. Beyond that, you will have to take out the credit card for the full version, but the good news is that your progress will be saved and therefore transferable without problem.

In a “Title Update 6” update, Ubisoft also introduces Far Cry 6 New Game+. A mode to restart the game while keeping previously unlocked equipment. And be careful, the patch is heavy, very heavy on all platforms:

  • PC: 26.31 GB
  • Xbox One: about 15 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: between 25.5 and 40 GB
  • PS4: about 23 GB
  • PS5: 26.6 GB

The update also fixes bugs and improves the user interface. The “Completionist aid” feature, literally “help for completionists”, which will allow them to better follow their progress for each region of the game thanks to a widget.

The psychedelic Between Two Worlds DLC

On December 6, Ubi will release the paid expansion Between Two Worlds of Far Cry 6. A title that lives up to its name because Dani Rojas, the main character (here in her female variant), will be trapped in a strange parallel universe. She will be escorted by an AI, FAI (nothing to do with the internet provider), who will guide her to find five broken fragments.

In addition to perhaps having a rogue-lite dimension, this DLC will be a little more strategic with fights that will require you to alternate between ammo of different colors depending on the enemies. Unlike previous additions, this one is priced at €19.99.

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