False Connection Denis Villeneuve: the blunders of Blade Runner 2049, Premier Contact, Prisoners …


Michel & Michel

Technical specialists

A visible technician, a changing costume, a misguided extra, an anachronism: no blunder escapes the technical specialists of DashFUN.

Michel & Michel revisit the career of the director of “Dune” through the prism of blunders, filming errors and false connections.

In just ten feature films, Denis Villeneuve has established himself as one of the major filmmakers of the decade, navigating with ease between different cinematographic genres (thriller, science fiction, detective, etc.) and offering such profound films. than visuals.

While the director has established himself for a few days as the “Messiah” of Dune by delivering an acclaimed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel, the technical specialists of DashFUN Michel & Michel celebrate his work through the blunders and errors of five of his most emblematic achievements.

The false connections of Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, Premier Contact and Blade Runner 2049 can be seen in the video above. And it’s heavy, very, very heavy!

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