Fallout series: an official first that raises the hype

Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout series is revealed through a first official image and important information about the scenario at the same time.

The Fallout series has blown its 25e candle. On this occasion the announcements around the license fuse everywhere. Free games on different platforms, Fallout 4 on PS5 and Xbox Series and now an official first look at the Amazon Prime adaptation.

An official image for Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout series

For a few years now, the streaming giants have been wrestling with each other to obtain as many popular video game licenses as possible. Amazon Prime notably got its hands on one of Bethesda’s most beloved franchises. His Fallout series, which has been filming for a few months, has regularly been illustrated through stolen images displaying a promising adaptation. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the series, a first official preview has been unveiled.

An image as a teaser … and that’s it. The Fallout series is still in production Amazon Prime Video is therefore content with a simple appetizer. A Vaul-Tech shelter, the iconic outfits decked out with the number 33, and a mysterious Wastelands character ready to enter. Things seem to have gotten tough in Vault 33 since you can see a corpse lying on the ground near the door. Few details are known about this adaptation except that it will have a nice cast to bring to life the whims of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of WestWorld. See you in 2023 to learn more.

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