Fallout LEGO: a free game available now

Fallout LEGO: a free game available now

You may have secretly dreamed it and here comes the Fallout LEGO game. Thank you Bethesda and Warner Bros. ? Not really…

When an indie decides to make a LEGO Fallout game

If the small bricks are extremely popular, including in video games, they have never been interested in the Bethesda franchise. And yet there would certainly be an audience willing to pay for it. ThrillDaWill, a developer and youtubeur, did not wait for the goodwill of the various companies and has striven to design a Fallout LEGO game in recent months.

And for a fan-made project, it’s quite nice and quite complete. We find in fact everything that characterizes the RPG from Bethesda with for example the SVAV (Vault-Tec Assisted Aiming System) – VATS in English – from Fallout 3 & New Vegas. You can also use a Pip-Boy, get back on your feet with a stimpack or even leave with a Fat Man rocket launcher on your back to visit a desolate, post-apocalyptic setting.

PCGamer, who has been able to try it, recognizes that there is not a lot to do and still some problems, but that overall it is clearly impressive. ThrillDaWill even implemented an AI in Fallout LEGO as well as a cutscene at the very beginning. The developer will also improve its baby in future updates.

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