Fallout 76 will make your head spin in its next update

Fallout 76 will make your head spin in its next update

Fallout 76 is alive and well, the better it will be entitled to a nice content update including a very nice addition.

Good news for die-hards Fallout 76, Bethesda’s survival game is getting a free update on Nuka World. The famous amusement park that we had the opportunity to discover in Fallout 4 in the DLC of the same name. The trailer below will give you a nice overview of what is possible within it.

Fallout 76 takes you on a tour of the Nuka World

Nuka World therefore arrives within the update of Fallout 76. A big baby of 16 GB on PC and 21 GB on console which should allow you to have a lot of content to put in your mouth.

The Nuka-World Tour traveling show has finished setting up its tents and showering the Nukarcade with rewards, so it’s ready to be visited! Head to the fairgrounds west of Lake Reynolds in the Ashpit to take part in three new public events, earn rewards at the Nukarcade, and battle the biggest region boss in Fallout 76 so far: the ultracite titan!

Nuka-World is not limited to the fairground: with today’s update, we offer you an entire Nuka Cola-themed season to quench your thirst! Walk around Nuka-World, visit iconic locations like Dry Rock Gulch, Safari Adventure and many more. Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn SCORE and unlock new items like Sheepsquatch power armor paints, CAMP items, consumables, a new minor ally and more!

This season, we’re also introducing a brand new reward to the SCORE table: the Scout Standard! As an honorary member of the Pioneer Scouts, they have given you a standard that you can wave in battle against NPCs to give you and your team the little boost needed to turn the tide of battle. ! These standards grant you and all surrounding players one of five bonuses that lasts as long as the standard is up.

You can find thefull patch notes here for Fallout 76.

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