Fallout 76: a developer dies, the fans pay him a touching tribute

Fallout 76: a developer dies, the fans pay him a touching tribute

If some players are incorrigible and particularly toxic, we tend to forget too often that others have a virtuous behavior. Like these users of the online game Fallout 76 who pay a touching tribute to a developer who has just died recently.

Indeed, it all starts with a message on the networks of Jeff Gardiner, former head of the Fallout 76 project which states:

I collapsed right now. Ferret Baudoin took over the role of lead designer on #Fallout76 for the wastelanders. An eternal optimist and dear friend. We’ve had lunch together several times since I left Bethesda. He will be greatly missed.

Following this, Fallout 76 fans started creating in-game tributes to Baudoin and sharing it all on social media using the hashtag “ThanksFerret”. The homage is mainly through the creation of tombstones and messages in the online title.

thanksferret – ????? for all the joy you have brought to me and my family through your work. May peace and comfort embrace those you leave behind. #fallout 76 #fallout

Dear Ferret, thank you for all you have done for the Fallout 76 franchise and community. We will miss you. #ThanksFerret

ThanksFerret for participating in a game that gave me so many hours of joy! I had to remove a few items from my CAMP to make room for a little memorial – Long live your memory and thank you for all the fun!

A Fallout 76 developer who will therefore remain in the hearts of many. A vibrant tribute that is also very touching. This is not the first time that this type of event has taken place and it is very often the case in MMORPGs where most of the time, despite the tensions, the community is often very close-knit.

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