Fallout 5: a new game is coming to help us wait and it’s canon

Fallout 5: a new game is coming to help us wait and it's canon

Fallout 5 is long overdue and to wait, fans don’t have much to eat. But that’s about to change, thanks to this awesome new game.

As we know, the fan community is hyper active on Bethesda games and mods are legion. Of Morrowwind to Skyrim via Oblivion and fallout, budding developers have a field day. But recently, the most impressive project is undoubtedly Fallout Londona full-fledged game of remarkable quality, so much so that Bethesda took an interest in it.

No Fallout 5? Long live Fallout London!

Fallout London has been developed by a small team of enthusiasts for several years. Starting from scratch, these amateur developers have done a real work of craftsmanship to represent a post-apocalyptic British capital glaringly true. A job so crazy, that Bethesda even came to recruit within the team.

Despite some delays, the game is going well and development continues. A new developer diary has even been put online to share the progress of the work and show us new gameplay footage.

The game, planned for this year on PC as an exclusive mod of Fallout 4 from which it borrows the graphics engine, even if all the models and animations were created by hand. The atmosphere seems to be at the rendezvous, and we notice a real attention to detail, until the OST, of time, which includes more than thirty titles.

What happens to the license?

Fallout London could certainly satisfy the fans who are impatiently awaiting Fallout 5. Unfortunately for them, if the game from Bethesda will certainly arrive one day, it is not for now, far from it. For the moment, the firm is currently working on several other big projects such as the ambitious Starfield, a space opera RPG that will allow us to visit several hundred planets, or the no less highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls 6, of which we know absolutely nothing at the moment. Finally, a huge PS5 patch and Xbox Series is planned for Fallout 4.

As a bonus, you can always try the Fallout 76 adventure if you haven’t done so yet, the game has had the right to very big updates since its release and is also part of the nice list of games offered. at January’s PS Plus. Finally, a series fallout is currently in production for Amazon and if it will have nothing to do with the games, it will however take over the whole universe.

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