Fallout 2 turns into an FPS and it’s free

Fallout 2 is an isometric role-playing game (so viewed from above). But an amateur developer wanted to try the feat of making it an FPS, just to wait for the next game of the license. The objective is to bring to this second episode a slightly more modern touch. As we were able to experience it via a Fallout 3 Where Fallout 4.

Fallout 2 in FPS view

As spotted by PCGamesNJonasz O, a user of Itch.io, released an early version of his remake of Fallout 2 , which converts the isometric game into a first-person shooter. Obviously he managed the feat of this transformation by keeping the visuals of the original. As the Fallout 2 Originally, players will be able to customize their character and use the VATS system for combat. But with this fan remake, players can choose to jump into the action in real time. The project is still in development and in the alpha stage of development, but you can already play the game in its current state via a web browser on the modder’s Itch.io page. It makes the experience even more amazing this way.

Fallout 2 turns into an FPS and it's free
Originally Fallout 2.
Fallout 2 turns into an FPS and it's free
The fan FPS remake.

Waiting for a sequel Fallout New Vegas (see the news in question) or the fifth episode of the license, you will have to be satisfied with that if you are a fan of the saga. Because for the moment there is not much to put in your mouth.

It’s been 80 years since your ancestors passed through the Wasteland. In search of the Garden of Eden in kit form to save your primitive village, you will have to beware of radiation, megalomaniac mutants and an endless succession of lies and betrayals. It makes you wonder if anyone still has something to gain in this new world. By forcing yourself to master your character’s skills and quirks to survive, Fallout 2 will challenge you to live in a post-nuclear world whose future is slowly disappearing every moment…

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