Fall Guys: a free DLC with a popular Amazon Prime Video series

Fall Guys: a free DLC with a popular Amazon Prime Video series

Currently in full season 3 “Sunken Treasures” – yes, there was a reboot – Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout signs a new deal.

A bloody comic invites itself in Fall Guys

From now until January 10, new costumes await you in Fall Guys. The battle royale ofEpic Games brought in the Guardians of the Globe from the comics Invincible the time of a DLC. Created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker, Invincible stands out for its violence, including in the Amazon Prime Video animated series which meets with great success.

From the comic book series’ launch twenty years ago to the recent hit series on Amazon Prime, Invincible has amassed millions of fans and we’re thrilled to see that base grow even bigger thanks to Fall Guys.. Skybound will continue to bring this universe to life in a variety of ways throughout the year, and this partnership allows audiences to dress up as their favorite character even in one of their favorite games. And that’s just the beginning for Invincible fans.

Dan Murray, Managing Partner of Skybound Games, via official statement.

As usual, this partnership takes the form of costumes that you can unlock as you work hard to win as many events as possible. You will be able to win:

  • Invincible’s costume
  • Omni-Man’s get-up and its motif
  • Atom Eve’s look “as elegant as it is powerful”
  • Nameplates and nicknames inspired by the series and the comics

And to avoid unfortunate purchases, remember that Fall Guys now has a more advanced parental control system.

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