Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg loses an astronomical sum in one day

Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg loses an astronomical sum in one day

With the billions of dollars that are currently injected into the metaverse, Meta is losing huge sums as well as the boss of Facebook himself.

The CEO of Meta (ex-Facebook) Mark Zuckerberg tried to be reassuring in front of investors, however the poor results of his group were sanctioned on the stock market. This is how Meta experienced one of the worst sessions in its history with a share price that collapsed by 25%.

Facebook boss Zuckerberg loses 11 billion in one day

We can therefore learn that the group’s market capitalization is “only” $263 billion, its lowest level since its launch on the stock market in January 2016. So much so that the company is no longer part of the America’s Most Valuable Companies.

Obviously this had a real impact on Zuckerberg’s personal account. He thus saw his fortune melt away $11.2 billion in a single day. But the man is not to be pitied because he still has 37.7 billion dollars.

According to the very serious (and up to date) Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the creator of Facebook is only the 28th richest person in the world. Meanwhile, Elon Musk just made $357 million even after taking over Twitter. It’s a bit like the picture of the other world, the one that makes you realize that the current system is pretty crazy.

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