Fable: Xbox would like to show you the game but the studio refuses

Fable: Xbox would like to show you the game but the studio refuses

The next Fable game which is developed by Playground Games seems to arouse curiosity and obviously Xbox would like to show more. Except that…

Obviously you’re not going to see the reboot of Fable right away. Indeed, Matt Boody who responded to an interview during PAX West 2022 explained that the game was not ready to be shown. It even goes even further.

Xbox would like to show you Fable

Part of my job is to provide cover for the team, they don’t want to show things too soon before they’re ready. If there’s a game where that’s sort of reversed, where every time I see something, I say ” We should show this it’s Fable, because there’s a lot of cool stuff… The team has made it clear that I can’t show anything until it’s ready.

Later he adds:

Finally, what I will say about Playground Games is that the know-how and the dedication that they brought to Forza Horizon, all of that is going to be applied to Fable. They understood. Let’s be honest, giving Fable to people who make racing games might be a bit of a headache, but they’ve proven they get the idea, and I can’t wait to show more.

Obviously even if Xbox is the decision maker it is interesting to see that the representatives are listening to the studio and that they take into account the most important opinion in the design. Because we know that there is nothing worse for a studio than to be forced to show a work which is not finished and which could give a bad image or worse create a bad-buzz. We all have in mind the example of the Bad Buzz on Halo Infinite and Craig’s famous head.

For now, Fable has no release date and is therefore planned for PC and Xbox Series on the horizon… 2023?

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