Fable 4: a new turning point in game development

The long-awaited RPG Fable 4 seems to be taking a major new turn in its development. It is the least we can say.

Indeed recent updates following the closure of Onoma by Embracer Group indicate that Eidos Montreal may be working with Xbox on a new Fable game. The information is serious since it comes from Bloomberg. For the record, formerly Square Enix Montreal, Onoma was acquired by the Swedish company Embracer Group earlier this year. The studio will not have lasted long with this name…

Fable 4 or another licensed game?

Currently we know that a Fable game is in development at Microsoft under the bosom of the Playground Games studio to whom we owe the very good Forza games. It therefore remains to be seen whether the Onoma developers who have been transferred to Eidos Montreal will work on the same game as Playground or on another project using the license. We can very well imagine the developers working on an additional part of the RPG as why not a cooperation mode or a multiplayer mode. The Fable franchise experienced some chaos after 2010’s Fable 3 received a pretty…lukewarm reception from fans and critics alike.

With all of these new talents, we hope that this will be enough to restart the machine and restore the image of a series that has it in its stomach. We remember the excellent Fable 2 which was a real fun video nugget. Peter Molyneux’s last major work?

Fable II which is considered the last good episode of the saga.

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