Examination of conscience on France 2: Cécile Bois far from her role in Candice Renoir


France 2 is in rerun mode this Wednesday, June 30 and invites us to review the television movie “Examen de conscience” with Cécile Bois. A terrifyingly suspenseful fiction that leads us in the footsteps of a psychiatrist, desperate to save her family. The actress takes on a role at the antipodes of “Candice Renoir”.

Consciousness Exam : what’s this ?

Directed by Olivier Barma, the unit Consciousness examination already broadcast in 2019 directed by Cécile Bois, Julien Boisselier, Léopold Moati, Grégoire Colin and Marie Montoya. During its first broadcast, the TV movie had gathered 3 million people. Very good audiences, especially since there was a match in front of the French football team.

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