Evil Dead Rise: an image of the new film that will shake up the franchise

The new movie Evil Dead Rise shows up with a first image. A fifth feature film which will have its own direction, but which will not completely deny the lore of the saga.

The year 2023 will be “groovy” with the cinema release ofEvil Dead Rise. A new film which is displayed in image and gives details of its intentions.

Evil Dead Rise without Ash but with lots of Deadites

It was during an interview for Total Movie that Lee Cronin, the director ofEvil Dead rise, spoke about his future film. A feature film that will be made without Ash (Bruce Campbell) but with other elements of the lore of the franchise.

There is no Ash in this story and there is no cabin in the woods, and these are two characteristic elements of what Evil Dead. But in the film, we do find the book and an extraordinary amount of ferocious and malevolent Deadites, so I was always comfortable with the idea of ​​transporting the feature film elsewhere, in Los Angeles.

Yes, forget the terrifying woods and his dilapidated cabin where no one would want to stay, this time, heading to the city of angels. But Cronin and his teams have found a substitute for the shack. It will take place in a dilapidated building with a family stuck in their apartment.

We still had to guarantee that there was a claustrophobic atmosphere. And the transition from a cabin to an urban environment works very well. It’s the story of a family in a decrepit building, stuck in their apartment, so it follows the same pattern but with a more contemporary location.

Evil Dead Rise: an image of the new film that will shake up the franchise
First picture ofEvil Dead Rise.

Shake up the codes while respecting them

Moving the action to Los Angeles is already a major change in itself. But Evil Dead Rise is firmly rooted in the universe of the franchise and will also contain direct references.

He is well anchored in the universe. There are lots of fun reminders, and there are direct links to the past. But part of the goal of this film was to create something that could further expand the universe ofEvil Dead.

Will it, like Sam Raimi’s trilogy, be a mix of horror and comedy? Or conversely, a more serious and extremely gory project like the Evil Dead (2013) by Fede Alvarez? Behind the scenes, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell keep an eye on things by being in production. If it’s the same quality as the previous film or the series Ash vs. Evil Deadwe sign immediately for our part.

Here is the synopsis ofEvil Dead Rise:

After a long, grueling drive, Beth arrives at her older sister Ellie’s home. The latter raises her three children alone in a small apartment in Los Angeles. In the building, the two sisters discover a mysterious book. It contains demons that take possession of human bodies. Faced with their worst nightmares, Beth and Ellie will have to survive and protect their family..

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