Evil Dead Rise: a demonic trailer at will and gore

Evil Dead Rise: a demonic trailer at will and gore

The new film in the Sam Raimi franchise, Evil Dead Rise, is revealed with a first trailer. A diabolical and terrifying video that marks a turning point for the horror saga.

Evil Dead rise will he really shake up the cult film license? The answer in video.

An official trailer for Evil Dead rise

With its first official trailer, Evil Dead Rise confirms that we should have a resolutely gory film and perhaps less comical than the original Sam Raimi trilogy. A feature film which would therefore be more in line with the 2013 reboot, but going even further.

Indeed, the theater of this new nightmare will no longer be a cabin lost in the woods, but a building.

After a long, grueling drive, Beth arrives at her older sister Ellie’s home. The latter raises her three children alone in a small apartment in Los Angeles. In the building, the two sisters discover a mysterious book. It contains demons that take possession of human bodies. Faced with their worst nightmares, Beth and Ellie will have to survive and protect their family.

However, we are not in front of a total break either since the director Lee Cronin had declared:

He is well anchored in the universe. There are lots of fun reminders, and there are direct links to the past.

And this is clearly what we perceive throughout this trailer ofEvil Dead Rise. The cursed book of the Necronomicon, a walk in the woods (via visions?), a chainsaw carried by a woman with a bleeding face, or even the evil that sails in the air, the winks are multiple.

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