Everyone at home – Michèle Laroque: “Telling the interior of a house like a fly that sees everything” – Actus Ciné


Two years after Brillantissime, Michèle Laroque is back to directing with Everyone at Home. Unexpectedly, this comedy resonates strangely with periods of confinement, as it tells the story of the return to the fold of adult children.

Living with your parents when you only want to stand on your own two feet? After an apartment galley, Anna and her boyfriend Thomas return to the parents’ roof, in spite of themselves. Parents and children will have to live together for better … and for worse.

Here is the starting point of Everyone at Home, Michèle Laroque’s new family and convivial comedy, and which in certain respects may bring back memories … of confinement. An idea that was obviously not planned, the film having been shot well before the period we have been living for over a year.

We broached this subject with Michèle Laroque, happy to finally be able to unveil this new feature film and encourage spectators as much as possible to find their way back to theaters, thanks to a rich and diversified offer.

Michel Laroque took advantage of the waiting period for the release of Everyone at Home to move forward on a new production project, as she told us during our interview.

Whenever there is a lockdown, I write! So at the first confinement, with Stéphane Ben Lahcene, I was offered the remake of an English film called Finding your feet. It became So we dance. We wrote it during the first lockdown.

And to add: “Stroke of luck, as the friends were confined, they read because they had nothing else to do. They read straight away. They said yes. The friends are Isabelle Nanty, Thierry Lhermitte, Patrick Timsit, Jeanne Balibar, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Antoine Duléry …

We thought we would shoot in the fall but Isabelle Nanty found herself involved in another film at the same time, so she told me that she could only make the film if we started in mid-August. So I found myself very quickly in preparation, and we shot from mid-August 2020 to the end of September.

It was a total happiness. We were very careful. There was not a single patient. It was magic, we were very happy to meet again. “

As an actress, Michèle Laroque also had time to shoot Claude Zidi Jr.’s Tenor, with MB14. She has just started filming the sequel to Joyeuse Retreat !, still with Thierry Lhermitte.

#Fun Facts – Thierry Lhermitte and Michèle Laroque

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