EVE Uprising: after 20 years, Eve Online continues its metamorphosis

EVE Uprising: after 20 years, Eve Online continues its metamorphosis

Eve Online is a bit of a game apart in the world of video games. In particular thanks to its rather extraordinary longevity of 20 years (2023), i.e. 1 more than World of Warcraft. But also because it is an MMO with its own codes and a very RP community allowing you to bring your own story to the game.

EVE Online Uprising is coming

In this context, the CCP Games studio unveils EVE Uprising with a lot of content on the program:

The call to arms will resound throughout New Eden! CCP is reshuffling the cards by completely disrupting the front lines, in addition to adding 16 new Navy vessels to the large fleet already available. Each empire will receive new frigates, battlecruisers, destroyers and other dreadnoughts allowing Capsuleers to enjoy new ways to fight, explore and interact with the world. Everyone can find their place in this constantly evolving universe..

This part of the expansion aims to evolve Factional Warfare into a more intense combat style. All in all, there are more incentives to support and fight for your favorite empire, a wider range of opportunities to contribute to the war effort, and new events are also being introduced, creating more possibilities for empires. to give campaign objectives to those who enlist. A small revolution for the conflict system.

This extension of EVE is also the opportunity to significantly improve the visual quality of the MMO with a better refresh rate, new localization options, improved shadows and rendering of all EVE resources.

Finally the narrative arc also continues to advance the story in the game.

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