Epic Games Store : two new highly rated free games

Epic Games Store : two new highly rated free games

You don’t change good old habits. The two new free games of theEpic Games Store are now available, and they are very popular with players.

We know the ritual on the fingertips for time. Every Thursday afternoon, it’s time to pick up your free game(s) Epic Games Store. After highlighting some cult licenses that have been comfortably installed for years, the PC store is offering two more confidential gifts. Make no mistake, they are just as popular with gamers.

free games Epic Games Store of the week

For a few years now, Thursday has been synonymous with free games for PC gamers. The EGS delights its users every week with one or more titles offered. Lately, the store of the creators of Fortnite has indeed hit hard by offering Fallout 3 or even Warhammer 40,000 : Mechanics. Today, the publisher returns to its good old habits by taking advantage of its aura to discover more confidential games.

From November 3 to 10, players can therefore collect two new free games Epic Games Store : Filament and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. The first focuses on complex puzzles to solve. All of them are based on cables that will help you find out what happened to the crew of the Alabaster.

The second is taken from the Red Orchestra series and therefore involves large-scale battles of up to 64 players. On the program, 20 maps, different armies such as the Marine Corps, the PAVN/NVA, the NLF/ Vietcong, Australian forces and the ARVN. 4 controllable helicopters, mines and traps will also be made available to try to gain the advantage over his opponents. If their confidential names mean nothing to you, these two free games from theEpic Games Store are both highly rated with a minimum score of 90% on Steam.

What are the next free games?

And next week? What is the program ? Filament and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will be replaced by Alba – A Wildlife Adventure and Shadow Tactics . These two new free games Epic Games Store will therefore be available from November 10 to 17, still at 5 p.m. French time.

Alba – A Wildlife Adventure is an open-world adventure game from the creators of Monument Valley. Your mission: preserve an island by forming a group of volunteers.

Join Alba, who visits her grandparents on an island in the Mediterranean. As she prepares to spend a peaceful summer exploring nature with her friend Inès, she sees an animal in danger and realizes that she must intervene as soon as possible.

Shadow Tactics is a Commandos-style tactical title with a dose of infiltration. An epic in the heart of Feudal Japan.

A new shogun has taken power in Japan and imposes peace on the entire nation. He hires five specialists with exceptional talents in assassination and espionage.

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