Epic Games Store : two new freebies not to be missed!

Epic Games Store : two new freebies not to be missed!

New free gamesEpic Games Store are already available. It would be silly to miss them since they are both very well rated and one of them even allows you to do something for nature.

Thursday is free play on theEpic Games Store. Since its opening a few years ago, the store of Fortnite creators has found the unstoppable trick to bring players to its site: offer one or more titles to those who simply register. A maneuver that allowed him to gain fame instantly, while continuously spoiling users. And this week, the EGS free games are once again of quality.

Two new free games Epic Games Store available

It’s almost become second nature among PC gamers. Every Thursday at 5 p.m. sharp, go to theEpic Games Store to collect their free games. Titles which, we remind you, can be kept for life. The only condition to obtain them is to have an account and to put them in the basket before they are replaced. From November 10 to 17, two new free EGS games are available. It would be silly to miss them as they are of excellent quality.

Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun

On the one hand, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, a tactical and stealth game released in 2016 that had a real critical hit. A success also met with players since it accumulates tens of thousands of “extremely positive” ratings from the competing store. This new free game Epic Games Store immerses you in Japan, in 1615. A new shogun has taken power and calls on five specialists with talents in assassination and exceptional espionage. Their objective, to undermine any conspiracy or rebellion. It’s up to the players to lead this shock team and choose their approach to carry out their missions, which will become more difficult over the hours.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Softer and more pacifist, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure caused a sensation on the independent scene when it was released. From the creators of Monument Valley, this little nugget puts you in the shoes of a child who has come to visit her grandparents on an island in the Mediterranean. She expected to spend a peaceful summer wandering in nature, but the ecological reality hit her. Waste scattered here and there, animals in danger, this little piece of paradise is threatened. Alba then undertakes an awareness campaign to save the island by forming a group of volunteers. A free game Epic Games Store to be taken imperatively since for each download the publisher undertakes to plant a tree in partnership with Ecologi.

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