Epic Games Store : three free games including a cult and dark fantasy

Like every week, theEpic Games Store heartily gives us one or more free pc games. And this week it’s a fantasy-focused trio.

You know the song by force: new week, new free games on theEpic Games Store. And for its weekly giveaway, the creators of Fortnite are not going overboard and offering three titles at once.

The three free games Epic Games Store of the week

It’s time for the weekly giveaways for theEpic Games Store. The publisher’s store today offers a new selection of free PC games that can be collected for life. From June 30 to July 7 at 5 p.m., no less than three dark fantasy-focused titles can be obtained at no cost.

  • Geneforge 1 – Mutagen : remaster of the cult game that takes place in a unique fantasy world. An open-ended adventure where players embody a Shaper, a wizard capable of creating life. In this role-playing game, you will have to fight on the battlefield thanks to an army of mutant monsters and use cunning to achieve your goals.
  • Hood Outlaws & Legends: multiplayer game where participants compete in PvPvE heists. The objective, plunder treasures in heavily guarded fortresses by infiltrating the premises or by spilling blood. A title that received a mixed reception when it was released, but which continues to be updated.
  • Iratus Lord of the Dead : this free EGS game, presents itself as a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG in a dark fantasy universe. Players must lead an army of the undead to help a necromancer reach the surface world and bring the mortal realms to rest, just that!

The program for next week

What program for next week? From July 7 to July 14, you can get your hands on two new free games Epic Games Store. On the menu, the gory and violent FPS Killing Floor 2 which still has its small community. The title was fairly well received when it was initially released in 2016.

He will be accompanied by Ancient Enemy. A strategic deckbuilding RPG where the action takes place in a world on the verge of chaos. Players restore order by pulverizing twisted enemies using spells, skills, and solving intricate puzzles.

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