Epic Games Store : three free games available, including a cult FPS

Epic Games Store : three free games available, including a cult FPS

L’Epic Games Store continues to give weekly gifts to players. And this week, three free games can be picked up.

We know the topo now. Who says new week says new free game on theEpic Games Store. After spoiling players with Borderlands 3, the creators of Fortnite treat us to a great 2K classic. Finally great classics.

Three free games on theEpic Games Store

From May 26 to June 02, 2022 at 5:00 p.m., players can grab three free games for the price of one. The EGS continues its momentum by offering three more FPS from an essential license via BioShock: The Collection. The compilation brings together the three licensed titles (Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite) which transported us from Rapture to Columbia in a remastered version.

The icing on the cake for challenge lovers, the three Bioshocks include successes. It will nevertheless be necessary to install the 2K launcher to play on Windows 10 or 11. As a reminder, you just need to have an EGS account and claim the game to keep it for life. As for the next free game of theEpic Games Store ? It is still a mystery title, as the publisher has become accustomed to doing when approaching and during the summer periods. We imagine that they have prepared a fine selection for us which, we hope, will end in apotheosis.

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