Epic Games Store : a big free game from an absolutely legendary license

Epic Games Store : a big free game from an absolutely legendary license

The new free gameEpic Games Store is coming very soon. On this week’s program, an absolutely legendary license, known to all and a big EA game.

We know the ritual by heart now. Thursday afternoon is synonymous with free games Epic Games Store. In a few hours, you will be able to collect your weekly gift which can be kept for life. This week, the publisher of Fortnite and Fall Guys is still hitting hard with a title from a legendary license.

Star Wars Squadrons, the new free game Epic Games Store

You only have a few hours left to recover Evil Dead The Game and Dark Deity. From this Thursday at 5 p.m. French time, they will be replaced by a new free game Epic Games Store. On the program this week, one of the last games Star Wars dated, which should delight fans of space combat. From November 24 to December 1, PC players can indeed claim Star Wars Squadrons.

In this first-person space combat game from EA, you take control of several iconic machines from the license, from both the Empire and New Republic sides. That’s fighters like the X-Wing and the TIE for example. Customize their equipment and their appearance, then modify their weapons and shields to complete your missions. This piloting experience aims to make you feel all the adrenaline of space combat, in both multiplayer and single player, in a story set right after the events of Return of the Jedi. Together, take part in strategic 5v5 space battles.

Will this be the only free game Epic Games Store of the week? According to the sources of Dealabs, it could be that another title is offered this Thursday afternoon: RPG in a Box. A game that lets you easily create RPGs and 3D productions, all with voxel-based style. An all-in-one toolbox to turn your ideas into games, even if you’re a beginner since it doesn’t require any programming or modeling knowledge.

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