Elden Rings: Streamer MissMikkaa Kills Bosses… With Her Feet!

Elden Rings: Streamer MissMikkaa Kills Bosses... With Her Feet!

In the world of video games there really are people with amazing abilities. Like this streamer who manages to kill the bosses of Elden Rings with her peids.

Generally speaking Elden Rings is hard enough to complete when you play normally either with a controller or with a keyboard and mouse. What to say when it comes to a dance floor… Yet this is MissMikkaa’s feat. Explanations:

A dancing talent but on Elden Rings

As you can see via her Twitter account, the player got it into her head to be able to kill each of the Elden Rings bosses with a dance mat. A particularly technical feat that still deserves great acclaim. It’s useless, but it’s still great.

A day later, the “Dance Pad All Remembrances” race is over! It was a fun challenge! It was difficult at first but I got the hang of it after a while. I’m thinking of doing a level 1 race on the dance floor next time! What do you think ?

I DID IT ! I killed Malenia from Elden Rings with the dance pad only! It took me 84 tries and about 6 hours to knock it down but I managed to do it in one session. Pretty awesome! Next: Gideon.

This is where you can realize the crazy work that it requires. 84 attempts and 6 hours to achieve this feat, it’s crazy and we hardly dare to imagine the state of the legs (especially the calves) after all these hours of training. It reminds a bit of this streamer who was able to defeat the bosses of the game Kingdom Hearts with a dance mat. Let’s say that for Elden Rings the bar is set a little higher still.

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