Elden Ring : this streamer achieves the impossible with a mind-blowing challenge

Elden Ring : this streamer achieves the impossible with a mind-blowing challenge

So yes, Elden Ring is a nest of records as unusual as it is incredible, but this streamer has just reached a new milestone in performance.

MissMikkaa; This name means nothing to you ? She is a streamer and owes a good part of her reputation to the totally crazy challenges she performs on particularly difficult games like Elden Ring or God of War in maximum difficulty mode. And after doing FromSoftware’s game with one hand or using a dance mat, the streamer is now ridiculing everything that’s been done so far with a mind-blowing new challenge.

Two bosses, two parts ofElden Ringan incredible performance

MissMikkaa is indeed finishing Elden Ring on two different copies simultaneously. Yes. Two screens, two games, two parties and two different peripherals. The videographer therefore uses a traditional Dualsense PS5 controller as well as her famous dance pad to navigate the game from FromSoftware, as in the video below where you can see her exploding one of the bosses of the game on two different parts and at the same time time.

It’s nonsense, we grant you, but the feat is there.
Elden Ring is an already particularly demanding game that requires a lot of concentration, doing it on the dance floor is also an additional feat that requires special skills and great skill. So combining the two and doing this on two different sessions in parallel is a real performance that must require completely crazy concentration and synchronization. We imagine in any case since on our side, playing the game in a perfectly normal way is more than enough for us.

The streamer continues her challenge every day live on Twitch. After this feat and its many records, what else can MissMikkaa invent for us? Maybe finish the game blindfolded while only standing on one foot on his dance mat? In any case, hats off to the artist!

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