Elden Ring : this player achieved an incredible record on the Soulsborne

Elden Ring : this player achieved an incredible record on the Soulsborne

After hours and hours of games, a streamer engraves his name in the history of totally crazy records.

Whether Elden Ring does not need anyone to break records, he and his big brothers remain privileged grounds for surpassing themselves. And a player has just succeeded in one of the most difficult challenges to achieve in the Soulsborne saga.

An incredible marathon

If we talk to you about God Run 3, does that mean anything to you? It’s a challenge that consists of playing all the Soulborne family games (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2, 3 and Bloodborne), Sekiro and Elden Ring in one go and without getting hit once or else you’ll have to start the WHOLE marathon over from the beginning.
A crazy and unusual performance that only one player had managed so far, the videographer BushidoYu. Except that now, he is no longer alone since another Spanish streamer, known as Nico, has also just succeeded in the performance.
After no less than 120 days of “tryhard”, the player has therefore managed to complete the 7 most difficult games in FromSoftware’s catalog without taking a single hit and without cheating.

A final on Elden Ring full of emotions

A record which, once achieved, will have literally cracked the videographer live. It must be said that the marathon is already difficult. FromSoftware’s recent games are renowned for their full-bodied difficulty and are no walk in the park. Doing them without getting hit once already requires quite a lot of knowledge and training, so imagine that finishing them in a row, without taking a hit or having to start all over again requires concentration and perseverance beyond standard. A crazy pressure that got the better of the nerves of the streamer who will end up bursting into tears after an epic finale on Elden Ring.

Records and unusual challenges galore

Elden Ring, sekiro, Dark Souls… Fromsoftware’s games are veritable nests of records. Not only are the speedruns legion, but there are also a crazy amount of completely wacky challenges. This is for example the case of those of MissMikkaa streamer who made Elden Ring on a dance floor or with one hand. Prowess that she will also achieve on God of War (2018). Without forgetting the videographers who redouble their ingenuity like SuperLouis who played at Soulsborne with… bananas.
Yes, fans are overflowing with ideas that go far beyond the game itself. It is sometimes impressive and very often surprising.

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