Elden Ring offers a real coop mode via a mod

A good solo game is good but when there is also cooperation it is sometimes even better. It did not escape you that the very good Elden Ring natively lacks it. This is where mods come in.

A mod for real cooperation in Elden Ring

The mod in question is called Seamless Coop and it was born thanks to the talent of modder Luke Yui. The man is not at his first attempt since he has already done this type of work on a certain Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He had also created a mod in the name of Randomizer on Elden Ring.

No limitation

Game screenshot Elden Ring.

This new mod for Elden Ring the amazing thing is that it allows you to play with one or more friends, and that without any form of limitation. In fact the campaign is fully feasible up to 4 players with ease and there is no longer any question of ghosts. The mod goes even further by even offering real cooperation mechanics, namely that depending on the number of people in play, the enemies will receive a buff so that the title is not too simple.

A spectator mode is even present and the portals of the game can be used as if all this were native in Elden Ring. Note that it will surely be necessary to play offline so that the game deactivates the anti-cheat and does not take the mod for a cheat software. Otherwise more simply, Luke Yui proposes also a mod that disables the anti-cheat. So ? Isn’t life beautiful?

This mod for Elden Ring will be available from May 27 via the NexusMods.

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