Elden Ring : no longer stops FromSoftware’s bomb

Elden Ring : no longer stops FromSoftware's bomb

While up for Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2022, Elden Ring updates its sales figures. It’s impressive.

Elden Ring is still popular

Elden Ring is by far FromSoftware’s most popular souls-like game right now. Between its release (February 25, 2022) and the end of the studio’s fiscal year (March 31, 2022), the game had sold 13.4 million copies. To realize, Dark Souls 3 has exceeded 10 million copies sold in four years. Which was already very good for such a demanding title.

In June, Elden Ring had conquered 16.6 million players. And today ? By the end of September, FromSoftware’s masterpiece had shipped 17.5 million games worldwide. A figure that combines digital and physical sales across all territories.

The ratings and rave reviews are there, the commercial success too, what will be next? Receive the ultimate distinction of GOTY (Game Of The Year) or Game of the Year in good French. The competition will be fierce because God of War Ragnarok has every intention of defending himself at The Game Awards 2022.

And again after? If all goes well, Elden Ring should have its DLC.

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