Elden Ring : discover the comic manga for free!

After making players around the world suffer, Elden Ring will try to make them laugh through a manga adaptation. And in addition, the first chapters in French are offered!

The fantastic Elden Ring is definitely full of surprises. Hidetaka Miyazaki and FromSoftware’s powerful GOTY returns in manga.

An untold story ofElden Ring in comic manga

It may come as a surprise given the FromSoftware productions and look like a belated April Fool’s joke, but no. French publishing house Mana Books has announced the release of the comic manga Elden Ring The path to the World Tree. This new series is not a humorous adaptation of the game, but rather an unpublished story in its own right, which is nevertheless anchored in the universe of ER. “Fans will enjoy finding the places, characters and bosses encountered during their adventure” states the press release.

This story ofElden Ring was written by Tobita Nikiichi. An author who started in webcomics with the adaptation of a parody of Dragon Quest V. He also published Monster X Monster in 2014.

In the dark and dangerous world of the Underworld, the illustrious Circle of Elden, the vital source of the World Tree, was shattered. After the Night of the Black Knives and the Shattering, the long-lost Grace is heard again.

Our story begins with the awakening of a young man with amnesia, dressed in simple underwear. The latter is helped by a mysterious young woman, Melina, who invites him to follow her advice to reach the World Tree and fulfill his destiny.

Given the capabilities of this “Sparkless”, the path looks much more complicated than expected…

Elden Ring : discover the comic manga for free!

A free discovery

To get an idea, Mana Books makes the first three chapters available free of charge ofElden Ring The Path to the World Tree for six months. Here is already the chapter 1 as well as the chapter 2both in French.

Recently, we already had the right to a completely insane and spectacular encounter between the FromSoftware franchise and a cult manga: One Piece.

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